How to Object to a Planning Application

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The attached short ebook provides excellent advice on how to make an effective objection to a planning application. I would recommend you read it if you are planning to object to Clay Green or Chapel Meadow developments.

Parish Council Public Meeting & Vote This Saturday

There is little doubt that many developers have sprung up in response to changes in government policy aimed at significantly increasing the Uk housing stock. The government intended to achieve this growth whilst giving local people a greater say in housing development in their own communities. However, speculators with little or no interest in local communities such as ours spotted an opportunity to make large sums of money whilst imposing ill thought out, excessively large and architecturally dull housing estates on attractive villages like Alfrick and others like it.


To date, our local council has failed to stand up to the challenges these developers present and in this respect have failed and continue to fail the public they represent. There have been many cases where other councils have rejected such applications and contrary to what we have been told by Cllr. Hughes in the past, approximately half of developer appeals following planning refusals also failed.


We are being sold a dummy on housing development. We are being told that the tide is against us and resistance is futile. Indeed, this is the very message that Matt Gallagher, Cllr. Hughes and Greenlight Developments continually use to stifle any opposition to their plans. Do not believe these messages. They do not act in our interests on these matters. We have to act ourselves if we are to strive for measured and appropriate development in our neighbourhood.


Alfrick and Lulsley people are not little Englanders. We understand the need for development - needs identified in the Parish Council's 'Housing Needs Survey' of last year. We also understand the need for younger people to have homes and jobs. And we understand that speculators have no interest in what we need, our children need, our older people need...they are merely chasing pounds.


I would encourage everyone in the locality to have their say on Clay Green Farm, including those that may support the development, much as I may disagree with them. There are people who may ask by what right I am speaking out on these matters or to question those in authority. My right is that of someone who is fed up of seeing people who don't have a care for Alfrick, or who intend to use it and move on, taking decisions that damage the lives of many people.


I am asking everyone in the parish to join me in an experimen: turn out to vote on Saturday 14th @ 10.30 at the village hall. Vote with Chapel Meadow in mind, with Clay Green Farm in mind, with the actions of our local councillor in mind and with the next major development in our parish in mind and see if we can't make a difference after all.



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